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All about printing


All about printing

We take the greatest care in creating each screen and choosing the right ink application through rigorous testing before we begin printing your project, so that each and every print we make for you looks absolutely perfect. While this printing technique has been around for a very long time, technical advances have been made available such as automated print heads which improve print quality, and industrial inks which are designed to offer vibrant color, consistency, and long lasting durability. We maintain a commitment to using the best printing equipment and screen printing inks and it shows. After the t-shirts are printed they are run through a fused under heat for a designated amount of time which dries the ink and creates a strong bond with thefabric resulting in a print that will last the life.


Pricing is determined by the number of ink colors required to print your design and the number of locations the garment will be printed in, such as front back or sleeve.

Easy! It's not about finding a new supplier; our economies of scale, sustainability and product quality make us the best value printer in the UK. Most often price control is about reigning in design choices.

1. Reduce the number of applications or prints. Lose that sleeve print, back print and neck print, and stick with the traditional chest print area: From almost a million t-shirts printed, we've never seen a simple front print design outperformed by a tee with loads of applications on the front, back, sleeve etc. Yet they can be double or triple the cost! Keep it simple.

2. Reduce the number of colours. Screen printing works by setting up and putting down each block colour, one after the other. This means that if you have 8 colours in a really busy design, you'll find the setup cost proportionally higher with the increased complexity of the job. Simple, one colour designs that contrast well with the garment are super popular in our experience, and the price is lower.

3. Increase the volume. Much of the cost of the printing is in the setup and quality checks before printing. So increasing the order size by 10% will not increase the order price by 10%.

We can give you a price instantly online: To do that we need a little information about what kind of product and print you would like a price for. In brief, single colour screen printed t-shirts are the best value way to go if you're looking for a large number at a low price. Screen printing works by printing one colour at a time, so if your design has lots of colours, it will cost a little more. The setup is time consuming, but once you get going it's very low cost, so Screen printing becomes economical for orders over 50 garments of the same print design.